yeguada los amadores cria doma caballos raza espanola alto nivel jinete amazona doblea

Los Amadores is a family-owned stud farm dedicated to the breeding and training of the Purebred Spanish Horse (“PRE”)

Our horses are bred for their conformation and functional qualities, enabling them to excel at the highest level of dressage competition; at the same time we pay particular attention to conserving the unique beauty and elegance which is a hallmark of the Spanish breed.

Finally, of no less importance, is our dedication to preserving the renowned nobility of the PRE, a quality which makes our horses suitable for all types and levels of riders. We are located in the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 48 km. from the heart of Madrid. Our farm rests at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama. For many decades, these meadows have been the breeding grounds for both horses and bulls. Here is where our mares and foals graze in total freedom.




We began this exciting project in the early 80s. Following a considerable amount of time spent in studying and evaluating the phenotype and inherent functionality of the various bloodlines, we ultimately decided upon the lines of “Escalera” and “Miura”, with particular emphasis on “Maria Fernanda de la Escalera”. We chose a group of 6 brood mares together with the stud “Ermitaño III” from Escalera, and to that we added the line of “Miura” by way of their well-known stud “Vinatero III”.

We currently have 22 brood mares, all originally from the Escalera and Miura bloodlines, but now part of our own line and Brand. We have 4 stallions used for breeding, two from Escalera, one from Señorio Bariain, and the last of our own Brand. In addition to breeding with our own in-house studs, and in order to continually improve our stock, every year we select some of our mares to be bred to some of the best studs available: as in the case of “Utrerano VII” (sire of “Fuego XII” and “Jeque XXVII”).

Great attention is always placed on the selection of the outside studs in order to conserve the particular characteristics of our Brand. We export our horses across Europe, South America, as well as to some parts of the United States.


Yeguada Los Amadores caballos pura raza española para el deporte en Madrid

Our Brand’s primary breeding objective is to ensure that our PRE’s have the nobility, expressiveness, beauty, and elegance of movement required for achieving the necessary physical development and superior functionality demanded in the highest level of the dressage sport horse.