yeguada los amadores cria doma caballos raza espanola alto nivel jinete amazona panoramicaAn incomparable setting in the valley of “Cuelgamuros” below the Sierra Madrileña within the municipality of San Lorenzo del Escorial. The ranch covers an area of 100 hectares of rich grasslands populated by majestic oaks and century-old ash trees which provide food and shelter to our horses and ‘infuse in them the unique essence’ of the Pure Spanish Breed.

We have taken special care to ensure that all of our facilities are in keeping with the surrounding environment, while at the same time providing for the functionality required of a ranch of this size. The farm’s main block has a stable with a capacity of 30 horses, a barn with 30 separate foaling boxes, a veterinary installation, enclosures for weaning colts, an inside paddock for up to 15 fillies, an indoor arena measuring 20x40 meters, an outdoor track of geotextile measuring 20x60 meters, five exterior paddocks, a 15 meter circular track and an infirmary.



In short, a large complex which is the ‘labour of love’ of three generations; fueled by a large dose of enthusiasm, and motivated by the desire to add our own small grain of sand into the mix to advance the perfection which is the PRE.